Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Silly Drake

This Grandpup of mine is a little over a year old now and is full of energy.  He surprises me everyday and just the other day he came into the house, grabbed my arm and started leading me outside.  Now he is one that seems to try to talk to me and always wants to lead me somewhere.  Well on this day be wanted me to follow him into the hay field.  So away we went.  When he got to the spot he was so excited about, I saw this very deep hole.  We have a lot of red dirt in GA and this silly dog had dug a very deep hole.  I am including a couple of pics and videos just so you can see it too.  I never did figure out what he was digging for or hunting in the field for, but it was so much fun watching him.

 Check out Drakes red face at the end of the video.  I never figured out what he was after, but was so funny watching him dig and hunt.
 This video is to also show how my little pup Oreo likes riding on the board on the Ranger, he and Drake both stand there when we go for rides. My BFF Megan made the board for Oreo to ride on, but now I have both of them enjoying it.

If I say the word RIDE they both come running, jump into the seat and stand on the is one of the cutest things ever. If I am talking to Jim about taking the for a RIDE, I have to spell it if I don't want them to know, but I think they are learning to spell.  Oreo is a Chihuahua that thinks he is a Black and Tan Hound like Drake...too funny..

When Oreo went to see what was in the hole, I had to keep him from getting in it, because it was deeper than he was long...

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