Monday, March 5, 2012

Bowl made from magazine pages.

Bowl before sealing

Bowl after sealing and with dz. eggs to show size of bowl
I saw a bowl made from magazine pages, so I thought I would search the internet for a tutorial.  I found one but it wasn't as in depth as I had hoped but here is the link. Magazine Bowl  Here is my version which turned out a different shape but I love it.  Hope you will give it a try.  I will post a pic of the bowl once it is sealed and dried. This wasn't hard, just took time to fold pages, which I did while watching t.v.  If you have any questions, I will try to answer them the best I can.  Enjoy!

1.  Items needed:  magazines, tape, glue, something to crease edges of paper, and  what ever item you like to put a clear coat on finished item.

 2.  Fold one page in half then unfold

3,  Then fold each side in half again

4.  This left half folded completely and half on right opened 

5.  This is how it will look after both sides folded. Before folding again place small amount of glue on one side.  But not on ends because you will need them unglued.

6.  Then put a little glue on one side and fold and crease 

7.   Take each folded page and place one inside of other as pic above

8.  Place small piece of tape on one side and wrap around

9.  As taping ends together, coil to keep items together, this coil will be rewound into a different coil, like one below
10.  Take end of above coil and start recoiling with a tight middle, and continue wrapping tightly.  If you have to leave it place a rubber band around it so it doesn't uncoil.
11.  Using thumbs and fingers start shaping bowl by slowly pushing on coil.

12.  Bottom of bowl to show how tight coil is

13.  Upside down and outside of bowl after shaping

14.  Inside of bowl after shaping

15.  Outside and Inside of Bowl

16.  Cat in Background is a magazine, not part of bowl, I used covers of the magazine to make rim, so it was thicker.  The flag just happened to be the inside cover.

17.  Other side of bowl from flag


  1. I've seen baskets made like that in stores. Thanks for sharing the process. Great way to recycle.

  2. You are welcome Kristina, I enjoyed making it...I've seen them for sale in sale papers before at the price of $40. So I liked making and thinking I saved $40.

  3. That was really cool! I think I may have to try that out! Thanks for sharing.


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