Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More of my crafts, planter covers and dish towels and much more

Lately I have been trying my hand a different crochet projects I've never made before.  A couple of them are Planter covers for pots.  The first one I made was not to hard because the pot had straight sides but the second one had a lip on it which made it more challenging.  But because of that it made it fun to do.

 These pics below are the planter with the lip on it.  

I've also made kitchen towels and dishcloths completely using cotton yarn.  Seems the more I make the more I give away.     Here are just a few.

 This towel also has buttons on both sides along with bows that show when the side isn't buttoned.

Here is a towel where I just crocheted the top.  Just like my Momma use to do. :)

As time goes on I will continue to add other projects.

Check out this great Website for crochet patterns and other great crochet ideas!


  1. I love the all crocheted towels. I've been searching around for patterns for them too. I just have the towels topped with crocheted right now. Very nice.

  2. Thank you, Here is the pattern for this towel, it is so easy, I don't even have to use the pattern anymore because it is easy to remember


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