Saturday, February 11, 2012

31 years ago today my Son David was born!!!!!

Thirty-one years ago today my youngest son was born.  I was so lucky to get a beautiful redheaded baby boy that day.  He has been such a blessing too.

His first words weren't Mommy or Daddy, Oh NO it was "Ball" can you believe it?  BALL, he said it in the grocery store when he saw all the balls in the big cage.  Footballs, Soccer balls, Basketballs and Kick balls.  I was so excited that he spoke his first word that I bought him one of every kind of ball that was in the cage.  I didn't have much room for groceries after that.  From the pictures you can see his favorite ball turned out to be basketball.

He has always been a joy to me, his cute little freckled face and his pretty red hair.  His Daddy said he is handsome Penny not pretty!

2011 Birthday

Well as a baby he was pretty to me and as he grew he did turn into a very handsome young man.

I've watched his looks change, sometimes slowly and other times very quickly.  One time he is clean shaven, on his head and face, and the next time he has a full beard.

December 2011
I'm so glad that during his life time he has had a chance to do a lot of different things.

The only thing I've ever wanted for my children were for them to be healthy and happy.  I am so lucky that they both are.

So Happy Birthday David, I love you Son, you make me proud!!!!

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