Monday, February 13, 2012

Lost doggies...oh my!


Yesterday afternoon, our two little schnauzer went missing...I walked and walked all over this farm looking for them...Hubby got in the truck and looked the end I was tired and could hardly speak.  After an hour I finally found one, Lucy, as I was walking down the hill toward the pond, I found her coming home.  I called Jim and he went to the pond in the truck as I carried her in my arms to the pond.  Calling for Maggie.  I gave Lucy to Jim and I took the pistol because it was almost dark by then.  I walked back up the hill calling and calling for Maggie....well that little sneak got past me some how and was on the front porch when I made it back home.  But the best thing is they are back.  Because the day before Jim shot at one of the biggest coyotes we've seen this year.  So we are thankful they are home safe and sound.  During the winter we let their hair grow out to keep them warm.  So they don't really look like schnauzers right now, they look like rag muffins.


  1. OMG... that was scary! Glad they made it back... JUST like that time we were looking and she was in your rocker on front porch when we got back!

  2. OH I know, now I've been outside for the last 20 min looking for Maggie..let them out to go to the bathroom, Lucy came back in and I had to search for Maggie....


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