Crafts and such

On this page I will list the different crafts I do:

dish clothes, headband, and flowers

wash clothes with crochet trim

2 scarfs...GA scarf and tan/speckled scarf


crochet baby blanket   

A thin camo scarf, the person I made this for wanted it this thin
wash clothes sew together/ read poem below

 baby burp clothes

quilted chenille baby blanket/alot of work by worth it

Christmas tree for Christmas in a bag swap
  • Sewing
  • Crochet
  • Beginning Knitting
  • Soap Making
  • Paper Crafting
  • Scrap Booking

 hair scrunchies

baby booties, baby hat, and wash cloth

larger baby booties and baby hat

Yoga Skirt

Beaded bracelets

My first FG Apron

Baby bonnet

Pillowcases for Rescued Girls
Visit: MaryJanesFarm
Visit: New Day For Children
onion bag dish scrubbie
camo bath scrubbie

cotton bath scrubbie
Jim's crochet camo hat

crochet nylon pot scrubbies

bookmark and cat bookmark

1st crochet bear

crochet ribbon hair band
Crochet afghan


  1. Penny, I love your blog

  2. I love the idea of crocheting an edge to washcloths. I've always crocheted the washcloth itself. Great ideas too. Your work is beautiful and creative.

  3. Thank you Kristina for following my blog and I have to tell you that the idea for crocheting around the washclothes came from my Mom...she always made those for us....I just stole her idea...Most of my creations come from what I learned from her....I miss her everyday...

  4. Penny, this blog is lookin' good, girlfriend....I went over to Patty's blog and enjoyed your post there too- both you girls just blow me away with all the things you do, this crochet is beautiful. Those beautiful tomatoes made me hungry!! so proud of you

  5. Thank you Glenda, I seem to change it all the time. I was honored that Patty asked me to write for her blog, I really am hoping that I can get some of you to write for mine one day too...the tomatoes were from last year. and thank you...for being proud of me...means more to me than you know...


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