Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Son the Mountain Man

My son David is a redhead...well he used to have red hair...but his beard is still very red.  He came into this world as a redhead.  I thought while pregnant that I would have a redhead little girl and on the day of his birth, the Dr. said as he came into this world, "you have a redheaded baby boy, and he is peeing all over me!"....well from that day on, I had the cutest little redhead.  As he grew his hair color never changed.

These last few years he has shaved his head because even tho he was a hairy redhead, the hair on his head was thinning.  But the last year or so he decide to let his beard grow.  Now he can grow a beard in no time.  This picture is where his beard has only been growing for 8 months.

He started a new job and they required he shave his beard.  I just love this face...He says it is cold now...but isn't he cute?


  1. That beard was so gad damn sexy! He looks ugly now! No OFFENCE!

  2. Wow what a beautiful beard he had, but he is still handsome without it. He should grow it back when he can


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