Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some of the things my Farmgirls sent

I got my mail today and had a package from my farmgirl Nancy in FL with a great card and a Dotee doll.  Now my understanding about Dotee doll is that they are made with a hanger on the top and a string of beads on the bottom.  They can be made for different occasions are just about anything.  But they can't be sold, they must be given away or traded.  Thank you Nancy.

I also got 2 more cards from farmgirls for being the Feb. FGOTM, Darlys sent a card with 2 candy bars in it...the girl knows me...yummy.

And Holly, sweet Holly sent me a very cute card too.

I was so lucky to be chosen Farmgirl of the month. And these girls know how to make you feel so special.  Thank you all so much.

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