2015 Crochet creations

I thought I would start a new page for my crochet creations for 2015 and also include a link to my Facebook crochet page Penny McGee's Crochet Creations.

Here are a few things I have made so far:

 Hat for my new neighbor Stephanie, she likes being outside so I wanted something warm for her.

 Hat for my new neighbor Stephanie, she loved it!

 My hat....I don't make much for myself but I made this one.

 Sponges to wash dishes

 Hubby asked for a 70's style poncho....so I let him choose the colors and I designed the stripe pattern.....oh my goodness he loves it....he said it is so warm and comfy

Soon I will add a few other things I've made!!!! I hope you have enjoyed these few items.

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