Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good, Bad, Happy and Sad Go Tyler for being all time Champ

Things have been tough lately but I have so many other blessing that I want to share....some happiness mixed in and maybe some downers but hopefully a few things will bring you back up.

My brother is still struggling with his stage 4 colon and liver cancer, he has always been a big strapping man but right now he is down to 125 lbs.  He is really fighting to live, he says this cancer isn't going to win. But thinks aren't looking good, so keep him in your prayers, He says he is raising his 4 year old grand daughter and can't quit, he has to be here for her.

On the work front, they have cut my hours at work and we are still fighting to get disability started, we are now in the 4th year.

But I thank GOD for giving me this job  so I can support our family.

Nothing in life is perfect.  We all have our faults, but I have been blessed with a great family. Here is a pic of my grandson Tyler, He got highest award for wrestling.  STATE CHAMPION!  Hugs Penny

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