Thursday, February 2, 2012

My only pic of all of us with our Momma

Jan. 24th would have been my Momma's 76th birthday.  She died 2 wks after her 70th birthday on Feb. 8, 2006.  I wanted to talk a little about this picture and my family. So here goes....Jan. and Feb. are tough months for me now.   My younger brother(the one on the right) HATES to have his picture taken.  But our Momma was very sick and we knew we didn't have much time with her.  So with a lot of begging we were able to convince him to let us take this pic.  My older brother(on the left) for some reason didn't put his shirt this day I can't figure out is me on the left and my baby sister on the right. And of course the most beautiful, loving, caring, crazy, funny and any other kinds of positive adjectives you can think of  Momma in the middle...

I bet some of you are thinking Penny can't spell yes I can really...but I started spelling it that way when I was very little and never changed...My sister spells it that way too, my younger brother spells it Mama...and my older brother called her Mother...I know, I know, this is more than you ever wanted to know about my family, huh?

We lost our older brother from a heart attack in Aug 2010.  So you can see why I love this pic so...and during 2009 my younger brother was diagnosed with stage 4 colon and liver cancer...he was given 6 months to live...but by the grace of GOD he went into remission 2 days before we lost my older brother... And on the 10th of Jan 2012 he called to say the cancer was back.  So he is again going thru chemo...please keep him in your prayers. Update, we lost our little brother on Jan. 31, 2013.

I'm going to leave the story here for now but would like to come back soon and tell you more about this incredible woman, My Momma!!!!  She was very special not just to us but to so many I hope you come back to see what I have to say...I promise it will make you smile.  You can follow my blog by many different ways, just look to the left of this post....thanks...hope to see ya again soon.

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