Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting better

Laying in bed for week and a half is getting so old, but really want this ankle to get is slowly....hopeful I will be able to get off these crutches soon....but I'm very lucky to have a great husband that has waited on me. Enjoyed the little bit of time I got to spend time with David while he was here last weekend from MI. He is coming back before he has to catch his plane on Sunday...hopefully I can get up out of the bed to spend more time with him before he leaves.....Hope to post pics after he leaves if I can get some this really have to see his beard...amazing...


  1. Oh Penny, I am praying for you. It isn't fun to be laid up for Christmas. I had my Gall bladder out in 2007 around Christmas time. Yuck. It wasn't fun.

    So glad to meet you. Mrs Rooster from Mary Jane's Farm.

  2. Thank you so much Amy, I am slowly getting better but so far behind...I'm not able to get my Cards made and out so hope everyone understand...but one good thing is I'm getting my crocheting for Christmas done since I'm laid up...I hope you have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year...hugs


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