Thursday, November 10, 2011

Venison roast

I'm going to try to go to bed soon...back hurt last night so much couldn't hardly lay down so climbed into bed at 4 and up at 6:30, had planned on a nap today but Hubby wanted me to help him put the venison roast on, you know cut up all the goodies and crack the black peppercorns. He was going to use my stoneware for the first time so he wanted me let it cook for 5 hours(now this is his recipe not mine) on 250 degrees. He added other stuff to it also, anyway we weren't planning on eating it tonight anyway, but after it cooled alittle bit I opened it up before placing it in the fridge and tasted it...oh my goodness, it was amazing...I even came back to the bedroom and woke DH him (he goes to bed early and I'm a night owl) so I could tell him how wonderful it was. Tomorrow we are going to add more carrots and onions along with potatoes(didn't put potatoes in at all yet), then I'm making mashed potatoes DH favorite, sweet peas and maybe mac and cheese. I know, I know you are wondering why make mash potatoes if I am putting them in the roast when I am heating it up...well the potatoes that are going in the roast will make Sat or Sun. supper. Venison stew......and mash potatoes for tomorrows supper... Anyway hope everyone has a great evening and a great Vet. Day tomorrow...

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