Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch

We had a great Thanksgiving, had lots of company all weekend long. I fixed a beer can turkey, ham, dressing, mac and cheese, mash potatoes, corn, deviled eggs, giblet gravy, banana pudding, sweet potato pies, cranberry sauce and my friend fixed green bean casserole which is one of my favorites. I think that was it...lol....everything turned out great and all finished at the same time....which doesn't happen much. I have already put leftovers in the freezer and made turkey stock for soup from the turkey bones....can't wait to have the soup on these cold winter days. Jim is going to make up a pot of soup with half of the stock which has a lot of turkey in it that came off the bones. I am even thinking of making turkey and dumplings. I love chicken and dumplings so it should be about the same with the turkey. I woke up Monday with a cold, stayed in bed most of the day. Feeling some better today....so lets hope it goes away soon. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I am spending this week crocheting Christmas presents.

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